A C# I/O Library for the Raspberry Pi

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

An introduction to the RPICSIO software. Covers the basic stuff like installation, system requirements and etc.

The contents of the RPICSIO web pages, the help pages, the downloadable executables and the source code are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind and without any claim to being error free or complete. Please be aware that the documentation, executables or source code provided may be out-of-date, incomplete, erroneous or simply unsuitable for your purposes. Any use you make of the RPICSIO documentation, source code and executables is entirely at your discretion and any consequences of that use are entirely your responsibility.

All source code and executable libraries are provided under the terms of the MIT License.

Source Code
The complete source code for the RPICSIO library is available online for download and also in browseable form.

Example Code
Sample code illustrating the use of each of the main classes in the RPICSIO library.

How to use the I2CPort Class
Examples of using the I2CPortFS class to write to and read from the I2C ports on the Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use the InputPort Classes
Examples of using the InputPortFS and InputPortMM classes to read the state (high or low) of a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use the InterruptPort Class
Examples of using the InterruptPortMM class to trigger a .NET event on a state change (high or low) of a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use the OutputPort Classes
Examples of using the OutputPortFS and OutputPortMM classes to set the state (high or low) of a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use the PWMPort Class
Examples demonstrating how to use the PWMPort class to enable a PWM output, set its fundamental frequency and adjust the duty cycle.

How to use the SerialPort Class
Examples demonstrating the use of the SerialPortFS class to write to and read from the serial ports on the Raspberry Pi 2.

How to use the SPIPort Class
Examples of using the SPIPortFS class to write to and read from the SPI ports on the Raspberry Pi 2.

Class Structure Documentation
Web pages which discuss each of the main classes in the RPICSIO library, their members and calling conventions.

EventData Class
Documentation for the EventData class.

FSPortDirectionEnum Enum
Documentation for the FSPortDirectionEnum enum.

GPIOEnum Enumeration
Documentation for the GPIOEnum enumeration.

GPIOPinMuxModeEnum Enumeration
Documentation for the GPIOPinMuxModeEnum enumeration.

GPIOPullUpDownModeEnum Enumeration
Documentation for the GPIOPullUpDownModeEnum enumeration.

GpioConfig Class
Documentation for the GpioConfig class.

I2CPortEnum Enum
Documentation for the I2CPortEnum enum.

I2CPortFS Class
Documentation for the I2CPortFS class.

InputPortFS Class
Documentation for the InputPortFS class.

InputPortMM Class
Documentation for the InputPortMM class.

InterruptEventHandlerMM Delegate
Documentation for the InterruptEventHandlerMM delegate.

InterruptMode Enum
Documentation for the InterruptMode enum.

InterruptPortMM Class
Documentation for the InterruptPortMM class.

OutputPortFS Class
Documentation for the OutputPortFS class.

OutputPortMM Class
Documentation for the OutputPortMM class.

PWMPortEnum Enum
Documentation for the PWMPortEnum enum.

PWMPortFS Class
Documentation for the PWMPortFS class.

SerialPortBaudRateEnum Enum
Documentation for the SerialPortBaudRateEnum Enum.

SerialPortBitLengthEnum Enum
Documentation for the SerialPortBitLengthEnum Enum.

SerialPortEnum Enum
Documentation for the SerialPortEnum Enum.

SerialPortFS Class
Documentation for the SerialPortFS Class.

SerialPortOpenModeEnum Enum
Documentation for the SerialPortOpenModeEnum Enum.

SerialPortParityEnum Enum
Documentation for the SerialPortParityEnum Enum.

SerialPortStopBitsEnum Enum
Documentation for the SerialPortStopBitsEnum Enum.

SPIModeEnum Enum
Documentation for the SPIModeEnum enum.

SPIPortEnum Enum
Documentation for the SPIPortEnum enum.

SPIPortFS Class
Documentation for the SPIPortFS class.

SPISlaveDeviceHandle Class
Documentation for the SPISlaveDeviceHandle class.

TermiosStruct Struct
Documentation for the TermiosStruct struct.