"... and no one shall work for money, and no one shall work for fame; But each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star, shall draw the thing as he sees it, for the god of things as they are"


About Of Itself So

About this site

Why the name Of Itself So?

The website name "Of Itself So" is an oblique reference to self replicating robots - a topic in which I maintain an interest. It is also a word play on the translation of the Taoist Chinese word "Tzu-Jan" which describes the self generating nature of the Tao. "Tzu-Jan" roughly means "that which defines itself" or "that which is of itself so".


I can be contacted on the email address below. In a (probably futile) attempt to avoid getting more spam I have slightly mangled the structure. You'll need to replace <site_name> with OfItselfSo to contact me.

    Cynic (at) <site_name> dot com

Site Design

The HTML for this site was derived from the open source template entitled Slight Ammnesia on the Open Web Design website. Originally it was a three column layout and the far right hand column has now been removed. I liked the overall look and feel so much I kept both the graphics and color scheme. The person who originally designed it is Raymond. Thanks Raymond - lovely stuff.

The clever mouse-over pop-ups on the Projects page are entirely done in CSS and HTML. There is no JavaScript or Flash involved at all. I got the basic technique from Alexander Dawsons work over at SixRevisions. The button graphic was redesigned using the techniques discussed in this GIMP tutorial.